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Norma Shearer and Franchot Tone dancing at the Trocodero Cafe following the premiere of Marie Antoinette, 1938

"No one would believe you said it, lamb."

"Innocence is not my long suit."

Beverly Hills 1938: Bette Davis hosted a lavish soiree for her fellow pet loving celebs in order to raise money for a new animal shelter in the Los Angeles area.

Do you believe in following sudden impulses?

Yes, I do, because I feel we often make mistakes when we deliberate too long. A little recklessness is good once in a while.

 Photoplay Magazine, 1938

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Their Own Desire (1929)

Norma Shearer on set of "Romeo and Juliet" (1936)

Bette Davis hosts The Tailwaggers Party to benefit stray dogs, with guests including Norma Shearer, James Stewart, Miriam Hopkins, Henry Fonda and Mary Pickford. Photos by Rex Hardy, 1938


Norma Shearer and Clark Gable attending the premiere of Grand Hotel, 1932

Get To Know Me Meme  → Crucial Movies [5/10]: A Free Soul (1931)

"I just don’t want to get married, Dwight. I don’t want life to settle down around me like a pan of sour dough. I don’t want it one little bit."

How about A Free Soul? In that film she [Norma Shearer] was a confident young woman who sees a handsome fellow and goes after him for purely carnal reasons. She isn´t trying to forget  a broken heart. She is just having fun. How often does that sort of woman turn up in modern movies?

Mick LaSalle, Complicated Women

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