fashion in film: The Thin Man (1934)

MGM costume designer Dolly Tree designed Nora Charles’ costumes. Nora Charles wears the typical style from the 1930s, the theatrical collar on her coat and the cuffs, the famous striped party dress with cascading ruffles and the all around uber glamorous style that Nora Charles embodied. The 30s had a knack for creating a bit of whimsy in fashion, and Nora’s outfits all had exaggerated elements in it (like in gif one the collar and the cuffs and six the ruffled jabot and cuffs). She also wore pants like the pants lounging outfit in this set.

Norma and fashion pt. 2
Norma used a variety of styles to convey her twin images of movie star and wife of a Hollywood mogul. She dazzled at premieres with gorgeous gowns, furs and jewels. Yet for casual publicity shots with Thalberg, she dressed like an understated aristocrat, in sailor pants, sweaters and scarves or berets.

Norma and fashion pt. 1
Norma´s screen gowns were designed by legendary costume designer Adrian who excelled at clinging, bias-cut dresses, worn without undergarments. She first created sensation when she wore such a dress in "Let Us Be Gay". The response was so huge that Norma instructed Adrian to make similar dresses for her next movies. He dubbed the sexy dresses “Norma’s nightgowns.” She raised the stakes even further when she wore a gown in "A Free Soul" that doesn´t leave much to imagination and which is see through from certain angles when watched on the big screen and with which she even managed to shock Clark Gable ("Damn, the dame doesn´t wear any underwear in her scenes.").